Survivor tips for newbie chefs in Covid

I have just been laughing at a great YouTube guy who is hilariously teaching you how to cook some pretty simple stuff. And it made me think about mum’s cookbook and some of the really easy recipes in there as well as some pretty nifty tips that might be handy in our time of boredom.

As so many of us are doing, I’m using isolation time to look at the always therelist of things to do given time. Yes I am working from home but I am finding I do have more hours in the day thanks to no commute. One on my Corona list is progressing the Never Ending Cookbook By Mum by a few recipes.

Started before the age of MasterChef and MyKitchenRules, the recipes here are timeless classics. But they are of a style of cooking that doesn’t get the ratings – most ‘reality’ shows expecting Michelin starred sophisticated (performance art) experiences every time.

The recipes here are from 60s-2010 (50 years). There’s one from a CWA (Country Womens’ Association) recipe book which looks post WWII as well as some Ascot Kindergarten ones from the 70s.

They represent the ‘best of home style cooking’ – full of flavour, sometimes a splash more brandy than called for. These recipes they have all been dined on, praised and sometimes burnt by mum, me and my sisters too.

So while I’m not going to spend my free time doing awesome video productions, I will make sure I post a one of mum’s gem tips or an easy peasy recipe.

Anyway, to get on with the show, please enjoy mum’s tips on freezing stuff.